Hana ~ [Japanese Pattern Harness for Medium Dogs] Harness made from Kyoto Nishijin textile.

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Harness that wears the tradition of Kyoto Selected as a return item for Kyoto City's hometown tax!

Nishijin kinran weave series following KIRAMEKI Gold and silver threads are woven.

We invite you and your dog to a more glittering world.

Harness for medium-sized dogs!

Hana ~ HANA ~ series all 6 patterns

As with the Kiara series, plenty of gold and silver threads are used.

Kinran weave from Nishijin, Kyoto is used.

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[Introduction of ♪ discerning points ♪]
1. "Adjustable belt" to match the dog's neck and waist

2. Realize "stress-free quick attachment and detachment" with easy 3 steps ①Adjust the belt length according to the size of the dog.
② put it on the dog's back.
③ Just snap the neck and waist.

3. Equipped with "buckle release prevention function" (lock function stopper)

4. Comes with a "night light reflector stitch" for peace of mind on the road at night

5. The inside is "soft mesh specification" to reduce the friction burden of the dog

6. It is also possible to quickly issue a STOP command with the "handle" on the back
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[About product specifications]
Colors: 1, Kotobuki Red 2, Karakusa Red 3, Koozuki Black 4, Koozuki Red 5, Matsubarishi Red 6, Matsubarishi Gold 6 types of patterns and colors

■Size development: One size Neck circumference (adjustable): 45 cm - 55 cm Waist circumference (adjustable): 50 cm - 63 cm

■ Harness weight about 140 grams

■ Sales price (tax included): 5,480 yen (including shipping) Free shipping

■ While using Nishijin brocade fabric, which is a traditional Kyoto fabric

We have manufactured a harness that is easy to put on and take off and can assist your dog's active movement.

Please use the gorgeous harness woven with gold and silver threads!