Shiba Inu Kouta☆Let's be on the river! ?

Heat of late summer we would like sympathy.

This is Hasegawa, the manager of Shiba Inu Kouta's happy shop.

I think that many Shiba Inu don't like water.

Kouta also doesn't leak much ~ Rivers, seas, and when your body is soaked in water, you will cry (T_T)

But don't be discouraged

I went to the river again this year! !

Lost in the charm of Umauma~ Oops! I'm in the water! (*´艸`)

If you think . . . That~~(◎_◎;)

#Shiba Inu Kouta river play

# Shiba Inu and summer life

#Shiba Inu Kouta's happy shop

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