Shiba Inu Kouta's Happy Shop


When Kota, a Shiba Inu who is an important family member, was over five years old, he contracted a serious disease called fused anemia, which is said to have a survival rate of about 50% after one year of onset. For five days in ICU, I was on the brink of life and death, but somehow managed to save my life. I want to spend a long time!", and the idea of ​​providing a happy time to people who likewise have an infinite love for their pets spreads out and started the company. (Photo: signboard dog Kouta)

brand concept

Our company's philosophy is to "bring happiness to pets and humans", and this idea is included in the company name, Many Happy. The Shiba Inu Kouta, who is the most familiar being, will create a better world to live in. From there, we will broaden our perspective, and through our business activities, we will create a value proposition called "Only one life" and share happiness. (Photo: Back → Manager Junichi Hasegawa, Front → Signboard dog Kouta)

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