[For medium-sized dogs] Master the Christmas event! Transform into a real Santa. Clothes can also be used to protect you from the cold (^^♪

Santa Claus clothes for medium-sized dogs, boy's velcro closure on belly side

The inside is made of satin fabric, so it's smooth and your dog's fur is

Designed to prevent tangles.

Shiba Inu Kota Weight 11kg to 12kg Wearing XL!

Santa Claus clothes for medium-sized dogs, belly side Velcro closure for girls

The frilly frilly skirt is so cute! !

Same as for boys, with Velcro fastening on the stomach side and satin fabric on the inside.

It's easy to wear.

Transform yourself into a Santa girl! !

Warm clothes with a hood.

Let's stand out from the crowd with a fun Christmas event! !

Size chart for boys.

If your dog has long hair, please measure it gently.

Girls size chart.

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