Shiba Inu Kouta Pray at Seimei Shrine Take a walk in Kyoto Gyoen

I heard that they would pray for my dog, so I went to Seimei Shrine in Kyoto! Kouta was on a cart, but he couldn't enter the shrine. I'm sorry (;'∀') Fill in Kota's name and date of birth and apply for a prayer. After praying, please mail the bills and amulets by mail.

I also ran to Kyoto Gyoen 😃 It's okay to take a walk with your dog 👌

Shiba Inu Kouta Japanese Pattern Harness Kira ~ KIRAMEKI ~ wearing a pine bark lozenge pattern black. I hope you have a good time this year. .

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Japanese Pattern Harness we made: KIRAMEKI
He is wearing a black one with a pine bark diamond pattern.
He has also run in the Kyoto Imperial Garden😃.
You can walk with your dog 👌.

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